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Georgian Garnet Witch's Heart Brooch

Georgian Garnet Witch's Heart Brooch



DATE: Georgian, c.1790

An exquisite Georgian Witch's Heart brooch dating from the late 18th Century, circa 1790. It's set with foiled flat cut garnets, with lovely attention to detail including a tiny scroll at the bottom and a gem-set floral "crown" at the top. Crafted in 15k rose gold and remaining in great condition.

This motif, known as a Witch's Heart (or sometimes witches heart) was popular throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, notable for its curved point at the bottom. Obviously infused with meaning, as such symbols always were, it suggested that the giver had become "bewitched" to fall in love with the recipient... and in ancient times the heart was allegedly used to ward off witches and other evil spirits.


Flat Cut Garnets


2.2 x 1.6cm




No marks present, tests as 15k gold


Very good

Georgian Garnet Witch's Heart Brooch