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Georgian Cockfight Miniature Painting Pendant


Georgian Cockfight Miniature Painting Pendant



DATE: Georgian, c.1835

A gruesome relic from a bygone age (in England, anyway), this Victorian pedant depicts a cockfight. The two gamecocks have adopted an aggressive stance, mirroring one another, with necks stretched forward poised to strike. They're wearing spurs, and there is what appears to be blood on the floor of the cockpit between them - this really was a barbaric "sport" and at this point I'd like to state that we in no way condone bloodsports in any form...

Although it's history stretches at least as far back as the Indus Valley Civilization (3300-1300BC), modern cockfighting was brought to Western Europe by way of Antonio Pigafetta, who witnessed an event in the Philippines in 1521 whilst chronicling Magellan's voyage of discovery. It became a popular public event in England from the mid 16th century through to 1835 when it was outlawed, with wagers often made on the outcome of a match. This pendant, dating from the 1830s and crafted in 9 karat gold, was probably commissioned to mark the end of (legal) fights.


3.0 x 2.5cm




Monogram to the reverse

Tests as 9k gold


Very good, some wear to the bail and a few scuffs to the glass


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