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Georgian Achilles Intaglio Seal Fob Pendant

Georgian Achilles Intaglio Seal Fob Pendant



DATE: Georgian, c.1800 - Seal, c.1580

A stunning large scale Georgian seal fob set with a 16th Century hardstone intaglio of Achilles. The fob is beautifully made, dating from the turn of the 19th Century and featuring crescent moon motifs.

Achilles, probably the most famous hero of the Trojan War, is depicted here holding a spear and helmet, with shield, breastplate, and various other weapons nearby. A fire bowl is present at his feet, as an acknowledgement of his unimmortalised heel... as one version of his story goes: Thetis anointed the infant Achilles with ambrosia and passed the child through fire to make him immortal, however Peleus, appalled, stopped her leaving his heel as his only vulnerable part.


Hardstone Agate


Height: 3.9cm

Base: 3.4 x 2.5cm




No marks present, tests as 9k gold


Very good, with fine antique patina