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Edwardian Diamond Solitaire Gypsy Band


Edwardian Diamond Solitaire Gypsy Band



DATE: Edwardian, 1903

A striking antique diamond gypsy ring dating from the Edwardian era, with London hallmarks for 18 karat gold and the year 1903. It's set with a gorgeous antique cushion cut diamond, approx. 85pts in weight, set at the centre of a mirrored swooping groove design and secured by four gold claws.

Ever wondered what's up with the term "gypsy ring"? I have for a long time, and no-one seems to know for certain... but there are a couple of theories that go around. The most commonly cited tale is that in the Victorian times, and possibly slightly earlier, aristocratic types travelling between their city dwellings and rural estates were afraid of robbers/highwaymen/bandits/etc. holding up their coaches and stealing their cash and belongings - including, of course, jewellery. So to try and... I dunno... prevent their jewels being take, they would have the stones set flush with the gold so they couldn't be easily pried out. Or something. It sounds relatively far-fetched to me - I mean, clearly they'd just take the ring off the finger at that point? Possibly the finger with it. I'm guessing the unfortunate etymology is tied into a particular brand of Victorian racism that marked the entire Roma ethnic group as criminals/wrong-uns. Certainly not appropriate for contemporary times, so I'm always a little uneasy about using the term, but it's how they're referred to on both sides of the trade. Anyone out there know any more rational info on the nomenclature? 


Antique Cushion Cut Diamond - 0.85ct (calculated), G/H colour, I1 clarity


Width at head: 8.8mm

Width of band: 5.3mm




English hallmarks for 18k gold, London 1903


Very good, light wear commensurate with age. Some small chips to the kite and star facets

Edwardian Diamond Solitaire Gypsy Band Edwardian Diamond Solitaire Gypsy Band Edwardian Diamond Solitaire Gypsy Band Edwardian Diamond Solitaire Gypsy Band Edwardian Diamond Solitaire Gypsy Band