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Large Victorian Gold Masonic Orb Pendant

Large Victorian Gold Masonic Orb Pendant



DATE: Victorian c. 1890

A cool antique Masonic Orb pendant modelled in 9k gold with six blackened silver pyramids inside. The frame holding the ball in place has individually hinged arms - a clue to its age with the more recent examples feature a rigid "cage" holding the ball together.

These unusual pieces would have been used as a nondescript pocket watch fob, hiding the masonic symbolism from sight (however another mason would presumably instantly recognise what it was). The orb opens to reveal six pyramids arranged as a cross, each face hand-carved (by its original owner) with a different masonic symbol: square and compass, crescent moon, five and six pointed stars, skull, envelope, brick wall, a cube, the Eye of Provenance, the sun, etc. Please don't ask me what they all mean...


Closed: 2.2 x 2.1cm (not including jump ring)

Open: 4.7 x 3.9cm 




Marks for 9k gold and silver 

Makers mark C & L 


Very good


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