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19th Century "Lover's Eye" Brooch

19th Century "Lover's Eye" Brooch



DATE: Miniature, c.1860 - Brooch, c.1820

A stunning and rare example of an antique Lover's Eye brooch. Likely a late 19th Century marriage, the hand painted eye miniature dates from c.1860 and has been meticulously completed in exquisite detail - it rests within a Georgian pearl halo brooch that itself dates from c.1820.

Lover's Eye jewellery was a phenomenon that, supposedly, began in the late 18th Century when the Prince of Wales (soon to be Georgian IV of England) fell in love with Maria Fitzherbert. The romance was illicit on two counts, she was Catholic, and also twice widowed... Basically a no-go for the heir to the English throne... George courted Maria anyway, and gifted her a miniature portrait of his eye for her to wear - the idea being that she would be able to keep this intimate image of him close to her, but others would be unlikely to recognise the eye as his.


Natural Pearls


14.5 x 11.4mm




No marks present, tests as 15k gold


Very good, light wear commensurate with age

19th Century Lover's Eye Brooch 19th Century Lover's Eye Brooch 19th Century Lover's Eye Brooch

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