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Victorian Ilfracolmbe Pig Stanhope Pendant

Victorian Ilfracolmbe Pig Stanhope Pendant



DATE: Victorian, c.1900

A weird antique Stanhope charm/pendant fashioned as a stylised pig, carved out of a single piece of hardwood. Look through the little hole it its side, and you can see "A Memory of Ilfracolmbe" along with photographs of the main tourist attractions in and around the Devon town.

Stanhopes (aka Stanho-scopes) were invented by René Dagron in 1857 as a way of viewing microphotographs without the need of an expensive microscope. In 1862, Dagron displayed the devices at the Exhibition in London, where he got an "Honourable Mention" and presented them to Queen Victoria.


2.2 x 1.6mm




No marks present


Okay, he's lost an eye, a back leg, and there's a split in the wood just above the eye hole


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