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Georgian Diamond Ouroboros Ring


Georgian Diamond Ouroboros Ring



DATE: Georgian, c.1780

The Holy Grail Ouroboros Ring. Georgian, circa 1780, it's fully furnished with rose cut diamonds, larger in the head and graduating down around the band in silver cut-down settings. The craftsmanship is sublime: cross hatched scale detailing accentuated by the settings, ruby eyes, and a 15 karat gold inside edge.

The Ouroboros, or "tail devourer", is a potent symbol found in many cultures going back as far as history records. It represents introspection, rebirth, and the cyclical nature of things, the oldest known example appeared on a golden shrine found in the tomb of Tutankhamen (13th century BC); it first entered the western tradition through the Papyri Graecae Magicae (Greek Magical Papyri) sometime between 100BC and 400AD. The Egyptians understood time not in the current linear fashion, but as a series of repeating loops or cycles, constantly evolving, and likely inspired by the flooding of the Nile. It has significance to the Gnostics, where opposing ends of the snake were interpreted as the earthly and divine in man, existing in union despite appearing to be irreconcilable. Also found in Hindu, Norse, Roman, Mesoamerican cultures, as well as having had a resurgence among Renaissance alchemists who's ultimate goal of immortality meant breaking the never-ending cycle of the Ouroboros, Once and for all.

This ring is a staggering example of the tail devourer at its finest, expertly rendered in diamond and precious metals, and remaining in fantastic condition over 200 years later. Also fitting that it would technically, today, be classed as a diamond eternity ring - the significance of 'eternity' and 'diamond' both applying perfectly to the Ouroboros concept.


Rose Cut Diamonds - range from 4.4 to 0.8mm



Width at head: 5.75mm

Width of band: 2.5mm




No marks present, tests as 15k gold and silver


Very good, some wear commensurate with age and use. All original and stones secure