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Georgian Sentimental Intaglio Seal Fobs in Holder

Georgian Sentimental Intaglio Seal Fobs in Holder



DATE: Georgian, c.1800

A cool and very unusual collections of Georgian intaglio seals complete with silver holder. The six seals each feature a sentimental message, reverse carved allowing them to make an imprint in wax. They include:

A heart and a butterfly with the motto Tu Me Fixe, "You Fix Me";

An Oak Tree with the motto "Upright Whilst Secure";

Love To Thee;

Venite, (the 95th Psalm);

We Part To Meet Again;

Credi, "believe".

The stones slot into the silver case, and can be individually affixed to the end in order to stamp the seal. It dates from the early 19th Century, circa 1800, and we've never seen anything quite like it. Follow the link in our bio for more details.


Amethyst, chalcedony, citrine, rock crystal


Silver holder: 

Individual fobs:




No marks present, tests as sterling silver


Fair, there's some wear and dents to the holder but the intaglios remain in great condition