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Five 18th Century Italian Proverb Mezzotint Prints


Five 18th Century Italian Proverb Mezzotint Prints



DATE: 18th Century, c.1780

Incredible collection of five framed Italian mezzotint prints dating from the late 18th century, circa 1780. Each one visually renders an old Italian proverb or saying, I'll try and go through them as best I can (please bear in mind these are a couple hundred years old and not necessarily in line with current sensibilities. I'm basically saying I don't endorse all of these messages 🙃): 

"Quando Bacco Trionsa Il Pensier Fugge." - When Bacchus triumphs the worries flee. 

"Serrar la stalla quando sono scappati i Bovi." - Close the stable after the cattle have escaped.

"Impara l'Arte, e mettila da parte" - Learn the Art and put it aside.

"Il riso abbonda nella bocca de Pazzi" - Laughter abounds in the crazy person's mouth (presuming that's an opium pipe in the picture...)

"L'Accademia delle Chiancchiere fi ritrova preffo le Donne." - The Gossip University is where the women find worth (or value). 

They're framed and seem to have been retailed at some point by The Hyde Park Gallery Ltd of 49 Knightsbridge, S.W. London. Offered as a set. 


Landscape frame: 24 x 29.5 x 1.5cm

Portrait frames: 30 x 22.5 x 1.5cm


Paper tag to the back of each frame


Good, some wear to the frames commensurate with age