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1930s Steel Zodiac Ring

1930s Steel Zodiac Ring



DATE: Art Deco, c.1930

An early example of stainless steel jewellery, this remarkable ring dates from the 1930s and features each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. It's easily adjustable on account of the open ends, and was likely pressed from a single flat strip before being hand-finished into it's current ring form.

Stainless steel was invented in Sheffield in 1913 by Harry Brearley. Metallurgists had been experimenting with iron-chromium alloys for decades (since 1820), the combination of the two metals was noted for their resistance to acid corrosion. Various patents were filed during the course of the 19th century for acid and weather resistant alloys, some with as much as 30-35% chromium, however the real breakthrough was made in 1875 when a Frenchman named Brustlein realised the importance of keeping the carbon content low (under 0.15%). The first true stainless steel - created by Brearley on the 13th August 1913 - had the winning formula: 12.8% chromium and 0.24% carbon. Brearley is said to have tested his different allows by etching them with nitric acid before analysing the results under a microscope. It's resistance to corrosion and tarnish makes it ideally suited to jewellery, and, of course, jewellers have a long history of working with new and cutting edge technologies (as well as upholding the ancient techniques and traditions).


Width of band: 7.4mm

Current size: 6.5 US (easily adjusted up or down)






Very good, some light/general wear commensurate with age

1930s Steel Zodiac Ring 1930s Steel Zodiac Ring 1930s Steel Zodiac Ring 1930s Steel Zodiac Ring 1930s Steel Zodiac Ring

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