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Victorian Turquoise Enamel Horseshoe Locket

Victorian Turquoise Enamel Horseshoe Locket



DATE: Victorian, c.1880

A charming (and quite tiny) Victorian oval locket in 15 karat gold. The front is emblazoned with a vivid turquoise enamelled horseshoe, over an intricately hand-engraved background, and the reverse features a glass fronted locket compartment for storage of a small keepsake or memento. It was made in England circa 1880.

The horseshoe has long been associated with luck, but the "correct" orientation (n or u) remains up for debate... one school of thought boils it down to the perceived density of luck. If luck is considered more dense than air, then the horseshoe should have the ends pointing up (to act like a cup). But if luck is less dense than air it would rise out, so the horseshoe should be mounted the other way round to capture it (like an 'n'). Obviously the contra to this is that you might not want to catch and contain the luck, so apply the opposite logic which will allow the luck to pour out.


2.1 x 1.4cm (not including jump ring)




No marks present, tests as 15k gold




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