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Victorian Russian Brown Bear Pendant

Victorian Russian Brown Bear Pendant



DATE: Victorian, c.1870

A superb Victorian brown bear pendant dating from the latter half of the 19th Century. It's Russian made, carved from a single piece of brown agate, and features a gold collar with dangling pearl. The quality and condition are both excellent - beautifully carved and set with demantoid garnet cabochon eyes. 

The bear has been a widespread symbol for Russia for at least the last 500 years, variously relating to the Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and Russian Federation. From what I gather, the image wasn't actually adopted by Russia itself, and, with a few notable exceptions, it was and is used by Western nations (mainly Britain and the USA) - and not always in a flattering context.


Carved Glass & Pearl


Height: 2.7cm

Width: 10.6mm

Depth: 14.7mm




No marks present, tests as 9k gold


Very good, missing a couple of toes...


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