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Victorian Aesthetic Movement "Stork & Palms" Silver Locket

Victorian Aesthetic Movement "Stork & Palms" Silver Locket



DATE: Victorian, c.1880

A remarkable antique locket in the aesthetic style. The front features a stork or heron, knee deep in water, with palm trees in the background and a rocky hillside in the foreground rendered in relief (swipe to see the full 3D effect). With two-tone gold (rose and yellow) applied details, it dates from the late 19th century when Japanese artistic themes were captivating English artisans, aristocrats, and the wider public at large. It's probably the nicest silver aesthetic locket I've had the privilege to handle, both in design and execution.

The English Aesthetic Movement was directly inspired by the London International Exhibition of 1862, where a large collection of Japanese art and objects were shown to a wide audience. Artists and Craftspeople would incorporate Japanese themes - usually depicting birds, flowers, plant foliage, and other scenes from nature - into their work, often citing the pursuit of pure beauty or "Art for Art's sake" as their ultimate goal. It was literally all about the aesthetics.


6.7 x 4.1cm (including bail)




No marks present, tests as sterling silver and 9k gold


Very good, some light wear/patina commensurate with age and use


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