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Georgian "The Four Courts, Dublin" Porcelain Miniature Plaque


Georgian "The Four Courts, Dublin" Porcelain Miniature Plaque



DATE: Georgian, c.1802

This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime pieces; you'll never see another one like it. An oval miniature painting, beautifully executed on porcelain, depicting the Four Courts by the river Liffey in Dublin. It remains paired with the original presentation box which is itself a thing of beauty.

The Four Courts is located on Inns Quay, and is Ireland's most important building - currently home to the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the Hight Court, and the Dublin Circuit Court (originally, however, it housed the four superior courts of Chancery, King's Bench, Exchequer, and Common Pleas). Construction began in 1786, and the building was completed in 1802, which is when this miniature dates from. The portico is supported by six Corinthian columns and high above stand the statues of Moses, Justice, Mercy, Authority and Wisdom, with copper-domed colonnaded rotunda behind.

It's had an interesting and eventful history, including: occupation by the 1st Battalion during the 1916 Easter Rising; held by the IRA forces opposed to the Anglo-Irish Treaty in 1922, during which time most of the historic building along with nearly 1000 years of records - was destroyed as a result of bombardment by the National Army, and huge (accidental) munitions explosion in the Irish Public Record Office.

It was restored and remodeled after the Civil War, and reopened in 1932 although much of the highly decorative interior was lost, and, in the absence of documentary archives, not replaced.


4.5 x 3.3cm





Very good


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