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Edwardian Spaceship Charm

Edwardian Spaceship Charm



DATE: Edwardian, c.1910

HG Wells wrote of a spherical spaceship made of "steel lined with glass" with sliding "windows or blinds" by which it can be steered. The story was "The First Men in the Moon", serialised in The Strand Magazine from December 1900 to August 1901. The eccentric scientist Mr Cavor manages to persuade the businessman/narrator Mr Bedford to accompany him to the moon, utilising the newly developed material - cavorite - which can negate the force of gravity. They meet a variety of moon-life ("great beasts", "mooncalves", "monsters of mere fatness", and five-foot-high "Selenites") but the most remarkable section of the book is probably chapter 20, "Mr Bedford in Infinite Space":

"...pervading doubt of my own identity. . . the doubts within me could still argue: 'It is not you that is reading, it is Bedford—but you are not Bedford, you know. That's just where the mistake comes in.' 'Counfound it!' I cried, 'and if I am not Bedford, what am I? But in that direction no light was forthcoming, though the strangest fancies came drifting into my brain, queer remote suspicions like shadow seem from far away... Do you know I had an idea that really I was something quite outside not only the world, but all worlds, and out of space and time, and that this poor Bedford was just a peephole through which I looked at life..."

Well, I'm not necessarily suggesting this book inspired this charm, but you never know. The dates match up. It's crafted in 9 karat gold and set with an otherworldly paste cabochon gemstone (the power source?) with pink and silver foil behind. Probably more flying saucer than cavorite spaceship, but flying saucers wouldn't be invented for another ~40 years.


Paste gemstons


11.0 x 7.8mm




No marks present, tests as 9k gold



Edwardian Spaceship Charm Edwardian Spaceship Charm Edwardian Spaceship Charm Edwardian Spaceship Charm