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Victorian Scottish Locket Ring


Victorian Scottish Locket Ring



DATE: Victorian, 1869

A superb mid Victorian Scottish locket ring with oval glass-fronted panel complete with the original woven hairwork. The quality is fantastic, crafted in 18 karat gold and bearing clear Glasgow hallmarks that precisely date it the year 1869. The band is particularly unusual as it features an off-centre knife edge design.

The Victorians were famously sentimental, and, following the lead of Victoria herself, took grief and mourning very seriously. Woven locks of hair, sometimes fashioned into extremely intricate pieces of art, would be exchanged between lovers, or kept as precious reminders of the dead. Such items were obviously deeply intimate, and would usually be worn close to the body (as a ring or locket) or displayed in the home. If you're creeped out by the whole idea we can have the hair removed from this ring, and you can replace it with your own keepsake/memento/photograph etc. And if it's any consolation in this case, the lack of a dedication to the inner band suggests that this ring was likely exchanged by lovers (and not a memorial/mourning piece).


Head: 10.3 x 8.5mm

Width of band: 3.4mm




Scottish hallmarks for 18k gold, Glasgow 1869


Very good, with fine antique patina


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