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Georgian "Let Us Follow the Light of Heaven" Chalcedony Intaglio Seal Fob


Georgian "Let Us Follow the Light of Heaven" Chalcedony Intaglio Seal Fob



DATE: Georgian, c.1820 

"Let Us Follow the Light of Heaven"
The motto used by the Beattie family, along with the crest. The surname Beattie was first found in Northumberland where the name was derived from the name of an ancestor, as in the son of Beatrice. An "abbreviation of the female name Beatrix." This is a well known Border surname (perhaps an occupational name from a Middle English border/maker of boards or tables.) The name is of Scottish descent spreading to Ireland, England and Wales, and is found in many mediaeval manuscripts throughout the above countries.
From my research, they travelled a lot by boat from which I found two family members were on the Titanic, years later! Mr. Joseph Beattie, aged 34, an English Greaser (a worker whose main job is to oil and grease machinery) from Southampton, who worked aboard the Titanic and died in the sinking. Mr. Thomson Beattie, aged 36, a Canadian First Class passenger, who sailed aboard the Titanic and survived the sinking escaping in a lifeboat, but sadly died in the night. His body was recovered a month later when the lifeboat was found by the Oceanic A.

This piece, a fantastic antique seal fob pendant set with a chalcedony base, intaglio carved with the words "'Lumen Coeleste Sequamur", which translates to "Let Us Follow the Light of Heaven" or "May We Follow Heavenly Inspiration". It's crafted in 15k gold
throughout with a highly ornate body and dates from the Georgian period, circa 1820.




 2.6 x 1.9cm 

Base: 1.9 x 1.8cm




 No marks present, tests as 15k gold 


 Very good 

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