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Georgian "First Roman Triumvirate" Intaglio Seal Fob


Georgian "First Roman Triumvirate" Intaglio Seal Fob



DATE: Georgian, c.1800

These three amigos are Gaius Julius Caesar, Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, and Crassus - the first Triumvirate of Rome. Caesar was Pontifix Maximus - the highest office in the Roman religion, a lifetime role - and the nephew of Gaius Marius, with both titles giving him significant influence in politics, particularly amongst the Populares faction which pushed for social reform. Pompey was the greatest military leader of his time, having defeated Sertorius, Mithridates, and the Cilician Pirates, and was likewise a vastly influential figure. Crassus was mainly known for his fabulous wealth, a usefulness that clearly wasn’t lost on the two aforementioned (he did also defeat the infamous Spartacus, to be fair to him).

The trio (they definitely weren’t amigos, btw) got together in order to circumvent the constitution of the Roman Republic (essentially a complex set of checks and balances designed to prevent one man from rising to the position of monarch) in order to forward their own personal agendas. It took place between 60-53 BC, renewed in 56 BC at the Lucca Conference where the triumvirs agreed to share the Roman provinces between them: Caesar kept Gaul, Pompey took Hispania, and Crassus Syria. The latter, in an attempt to rival Caesar’s hugely successful ‘Conquest of Gaul’, marched against the Parthians in a move that proved grossly miscalculated and resulted in his death at the disastrous defeat of Carrhae in 53 BC.

Crassus’s death was the end of the Triumvirate and left a tense standoff between Caesar and Pompey, neither of who’s egos appeared to be able to tolerate the other. Florus wrote: "Caesar's power now inspired the envy of Pompey, while Pompey's eminence was offensive to Caesar; Pompey could not brook an equal or Caesar a superior.” A couple years of political manoeuvring - Caesar all the while continuing his Gallic campaigns - ended in the Great Roman Civil War. The four year conflict included Caesar famously crossing the Rubicon with his legions, and ended with Pompey’s death in Egypt and Caesar’s ultimate victory against the Optimates in 45 BC. Caesar became Dictator perpetuo of Rome, thus ending the Republic for good, and was assassinated on the Ides of March in 44 BC.

This fob dates from the Georgian period, circa 1800, set with a glass intaglio seal featuring the three triumviri in profile looking left. The body is crafted in pinchbeck, and formed of six “leaves” with open interior, and the seal itself is carved glass.


Base: 2.5 x 2.1cm

Height: 3.6cm




No marks present


Very good, some light wear to the glass commensurate with age. Bail is slightly bent

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