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1980s Leo Zodiac Medallion

1980s Leo Zodiac Medallion



DATE: Vintage, 1980

Cool vintage zodiac medallion made in 1980. It's crafted in 9 karat gold with all sorts of interesting textures going on, and features the lion Leo, fifth sign of the zodiac (July 23 and August 22). Leo is one of the three fire signs, along with Sagittarius and Aries, and the constellation is associated with the Nemean lion of ancient Greek mythology.

The Nemean lion was a vicious monster, brother of the dragon Ladon, impervious to attack by mortals' weapons on account of its magical golden fur. Its claws were sharper than any sword, and could tear through any armour (created by mortals, of course). The first of Heracles' Twelve Labours, set by his cousin King Eurystheus, was to find and slay the Nemean lion. Upon realising that his arrows would just bounce off its golden fur, Heracles trapped the lion in its cave and strangled it with his bare hands before (famously) skinning it and wearing its magic fur as a cloak. 


2.3 x 1.4cm




English import marks for 9k gold and the year 1980. Jump ring stamped 9ct

MS maker's mark



1980s Leo Zodiac Medallion 1980s Leo Zodiac Medallion 1980s Leo Zodiac Medallion

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