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ON HOLD Georgian "Love Blinds" Intaglio Seal Fob

ON HOLD Georgian "Love Blinds" Intaglio Seal Fob



DATE: George III, c.1790

I LOVE WHAT BURNS ME... An incredible Georgian seal fob set with a carnelian intaglio base. The carving is exceptionally fine, depicting a man on one knee looking up at the sun with arms outstretched, along with the French motto: "J'adore ce qui me brule" or, I love what burns me. The sentiment is powerful and multifaceted; think of love transcending all faults, "love is blind," or even "blinded by love". I can't quite place the location, initial thoughts were Place de Concord in Paris, or St. Peter's in Rome, but the turrets with crenelations don't quite fit either location (in the 18th C they did?) - any suggestions? The stand-out features are an obelisk and a classical facade.

It dates from the late 18th Century, circa 1790, and the fob body is crafted in 18 karat gold, beautifully adorned with Rococo-inspired ornamentation.


Carnelian agate


 Height: 2.3cm

1.5 x 1.2cm




 No marks present, tests as 18k gold


 Good, some light wear commensurate with age