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1950s Rose Gold "Russian Roulette" Charm

1950s Rose Gold "Russian Roulette" Charm



DATE: Vintage, c.1950

Cool vintage Russian Roulette charm pendant dating from the mid 20th century. It's crafted in 9 karat rose gold, incorporating three elements to illustrate the game: a revolver, dice, and a horseshoe with shamrock. The gun for the mortal danger, a roll of the dice for fate, and the lucky charms for... well, luck. There are two variants of the original game - usually associated with six-shot revolvers - the "re-spun after each trigger pull", and the "single spin at the beginning". During a game of the former, your turn really matters as the probability of death decreases with each turn. Whereas the latter variant has an equal risk of death for each player (16.7%) regardless of your turn order - all players have an equal risk of firing at the start of the game, although this increases after each empty chamber is hit (16.7%, 20%, 25%, 33%, 50%, 100%).


2.1 x 2.1cm




No marks present, tests as 9k gold


Excellent, with light vintage patina

1950s Rose Gold Russian Roulette Charm 1950s Rose Gold Russian Roulette Charm 1950s Rose Gold