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19th Century Plaster Cast Classical Intaglio & Cameo Collection

19th Century Plaster Cast Classical Intaglio & Cameo Collection



DATE: Victorian, c.1850

A collection of 205 intaglio/cameo plaster casts depicting various Greco-Roman deities, emperors, philosophers, statesmen, mythological heroes and scenes... I couldn't even come close to naming them all, but there's a particularly stunning Athena, which is probably the standout for me.

Alex and I have been discussing what exactly these are... and why they were made in the first place. Each one is individually numbered, and there were obviously more in the collection at one point. Alex suggests they will have been part of an intaglio maker's shop catalogue - likely in Rome marketing to the 19th Century Grand Tourers - whereby you'd pick a theme/design and it would be carved-to-order. I think that they were probably made as copies of a personal, or possibly a museum's, collection. For inventory/cataloguing/educational purposes. 

Each one is protected by a card border.




Range from: 4cm to 1.5cm


Each one individually numbered


Fair, some significant wear to some of the pieces. Some of the borders are missing


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