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1960s Space Age Ruby Orb Earrings

1960s Space Age Ruby Orb Earrings



DATE: Vintage, c.1960

A pair of 1960s space age earrings straight off the set of The Man From Planet X. Each one comprises a gold hemisphere with a line of calibré cut rubies running vertically down the middle. They're crafted in 18 karat gold with stud posts and clips.

The Space Age, aka Atomic Age, refers to the period between 1957 and the early 1970s (although some would argue we're still in it). Movements in architecture, interior design, film and television, automotive design, music, fashion, and jewellery were directly inspired by the cultural obsessions of the time: atomic science, the Space Race and space exploration generally, futurism, and, at its heart, modernism. The designs were forward looking and often radical, incorporating the functionalism and utilitarian trends of the modernist movement and fusing these with new, futuristic forms and advances in material science - plastics particularly. Jewellery of the period was often directly inspired by celestial objects or spacecraft (Sputnik, the Apollo lunar lander, Starship Enterprise, etc. were all replicated as miniature, wearable pieces of precious metal), indeed Jackie Onassis celebrated her 40th birthday wearing a pair of Apollo 11 Moon earrings by LALAoUNIS.


Calibré Cut Rubies


1.2cm diameter




Stamped 750. Maker's marks unclear. Presumed Italian