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Vintage GIA 2.16ct Chameleon Fancy Green Oval Diamond

Vintage GIA 2.16ct Chameleon Fancy Green Oval Diamond



DATE: Vintage, 1960s

Behold... "THE HEART-BREAKING VISION IN THE DESERT" An Exhibition of Unparalleled Exclusivity and Wonder - by Butter Lane Antiques in conjunction with The Forces of Nature. Carbon on inked paper. Presenting (for a Limited Time Only), one Rare and Alluring GREEN CHAMELEON DIAMOND - forged deep within the Earth's mantle under Pressure and Heat unimaginable by the Human Mind. Browse these photographs before you and marvel at its Unrivalled Beauty and Olivine Colour. Available for Viewing through September 1822 at Butter Lane Antiques only,   ADMISSION FREE.

But seriously, it's it great? GIA certified as a chameleon Fancy Dark Grey-Yellowish Green (natural colour), 2.16 carats, oval modified brilliant cut. From the report: "The color of this stone changes temporarily when gently heated, or when left in darkness for a period of time and is known in the trade as "CHAMELEON". It's a vintage stone, likely cut around 1960/1970, ready for the next stage of its life... anyone been looking for something rare and unusual? 


Oval Modified Brilliant Cut

2.16 Carat

Natural Fancy Dark Gray-Yellowish Green Colour (Even)

I1 Clarity

GIA Report Number 5222529609


9.97 x 6.88 x 4.09mm