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Vintage Boulder Opal "Eyes"

Vintage Boulder Opal "Eyes"



DATE: Vintage, 1970s

A collection of eight boulder opals, each specimen formed into the shape of an eye with opal pupil in the centre of the pink host rock (which is beautiful in its own right). Opal was discovered in Queensland in the 19th century, and although much was mined back then boulder opal was largely ignored in favour of pipe opal and seams thick enough to cut pieces of solid gem quality opal. In the 1960s, prospectors re-opened old mines in the hope that new heavy machinery would allow them to exploit deeper seams than their predecessors could access with hand tools alone, and this time around they took boulder opal to the market... where it was received with remarkable enthusiasm. These examples were probably intended to be set into pendants, but for whatever reason have remained as an unmounted collection. They range from 2.0cm to 1.3cm in diameter, and weigh 91 carats in total.


Eight boulder opal specimens - 


Ranging from 2.0cm to 1.3cm diameter (approx.)


18.2g (total)