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Victorian Flamingo Intaglio Signet Ring



Victorian Flamingo Intaglio Signet Ring



DATE: Victorian, c.1870

An outstanding Victorian signet ring with heraldic flamingo crest (at first I thought ostrich, but, as my 3 year old daughter pointed out, the head is definitely more flamingo - right?). The intaglio is deeply carved to stand out when worn, and provide a mirrored seal in high relief when pressed into hot wax. The ring mount is crafted in 15 karat gold, dating from the 1870s, and features wonderfully ornate and deeply engraved rococo revival shoulder detailing. It's a good size for either a pinky ring or 2nd/3rd finger signet. 

Nobody knows why flamingos are often found standing on one leg. One theory is that it's a way to conserve body heat as they spend much of their time standing in cold water. Another, somewhat more interestingly, suggests that it's a way to conserve energy - studies on cadavers have shown that the one-legged pose can be held without any muscle activity, and living flamingos display far less body sway compared to when they stand on both feet. 


Carnelian Agate


Head: 1.6 x 1.2cm

Width of band: 3.2mm




No marks present, tests as 15k gold


Very good, with fine antique patina


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