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Art Deco Murano Glass "Wedding Cake" Beads


Art Deco Murano Glass "Wedding Cake" Beads



DATE: Art Deco, c.1920

An Art Deco era necklace comprising 17 Venitian Murano glass lampwork beads strung on a silver Prince of Wales chain. This style of bead, incorporating colourful dots and swirls and infused with aventurine, is known as Wedding Cake, as the decoration looks like flowers and icing. Each one was painstakingly hand crafted in Venice, and these particular beads are dark brown with pink, yellow, blue and white decoration. 

The Venetians have been making glass for around 1500 years, since the decline of the Roman empire. Over that time period, glassmakers from the Middle East and Byzantium joined the Venetians on Murano island, further enriching their knowledge and craft - glass was made in the Middle East long before it was in Europe. By the 13th century glassmaking had become a vital part of the Venetian city state's economy, and the trade secrets were closely guarded, to the extent that glassworkers weren't allowed to leave the city without permission and those who did would be ordered to return. If they failed to do so their family would be imprisoned, and if then they still didn't comply an assassin would be sent to kill them. The 16th century is seen as the golden age for Venetian glassmaking, and some of the historical glass factories remain well known brands today. 


Wearable length: 18 inches

Beads: 15.6mm diameter




No marks present




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