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19th Century "Hebe Feeds Zeus as Eagle" Painting

19th Century "Hebe Feeds Zeus as Eagle" Painting



DATE: 19th Century, c.1860

Framed painting of Hebe feeding her father, Zeus, in his eagle form. It's a relatively well known subject, seen in art, intaglios, and cameos of the period. Hebe, daughter of Hera and Zeus, was cupbearer to the gods and, more importantly, she was responsible for keeping them eternally young (or if not young, at least no longer ageing). She was goddess of youth and the Prime of Life, with powers to rejuvenate as well as halt the ageing process. The eagle, one of Zeus's many animal forms, was also a symbol of immortality, believed - like the phoenix - to be able to renew its youth. The painting is well executed and protected by a slightly convex glass front within an ornate purple velvet and repousse metal frame.


Frame: 8 x 7 inches

Painting: 3.25 x 3.25 inches


Some general wear to the frame. Painting appears immaculate


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