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1930s Machine Age Diamond 5-Stone Ring


1930s Machine Age Diamond 5-Stone Ring



DATE: Art Deco, c.1930

The "Machine Age" refers to the period during the first half of the 20th century between the Belle Epoque ("Gilded Age" in the USA) and the Space Age; generally accepted to span the 1920s and 1930s, with a few years added on either side. Machine Age of course overlaps with other often cited eras - the Jazz Age, Art Deco, the inter-war years, the Roaring '20s, the Great Depression- but to me, in the case of this ring, it feels a more appropriate descriptor than simply Art Deco. During the Machine Age, industry and the sudden popularity of the automobile and mass broadcast media were the defining elements of 20th century modernity. Henry Ford noted that: 

"Machinery is accomplishing in the world what man has failed to do by preaching, propaganda, or the written word."

Indeed, machinery was seen as the embodiment of progress, science, and a new technological enlightenment, and of course this new aesthetic filtered through to fashion and jewellery design. 

This ring features a sleek and streamlined platinum bezel setting home to five graduated old Euro diamonds, absolutely inspired by the new aerodynamic designs found in aviation and the automotive industry. With pinched shoulders and a pierced gallery, it's beautifully constructed, dating from the 1930s and set with a total diamond weight of .68ct. 


Old European cut diamonds - 0.68ct total (calculated), G/H colour, SI1/2 clarity


Head: 16.6 x 5.0mm

Width of band: 1.8mm




Stamped 18ct




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