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Vintage Saint Genesius Gold Medallion

Vintage Saint Genesius Gold Medallion



DATE: Vintage, c.1968

Cool vintage religious medallion depicting Saint Genesius along with two theatre masks and a globus cruciger (that weird little orb and cross thing). The reverse is carved with the initials K.H. and J.H. and a date: 4-68. Stamped ANTAYA 14k gold.

Genesius of Rome is a legendary Christian saint from the 3rd century AD. Legend has it that his life took quite the turnaround... as a young man he was a well known actor and comedian, performing in plays that openly mocked Christianity. As leader of a theatrical troupe in Rome, he presented a play to the Emperor Diocletian intended to expose to ridicule the Christian religious rites, but when he pretended to receive the Sacrament of Baptism the experience affected him so strongly that he converted on the spot. His newfound faith was so strong that that he refused to renounce it even when Diocletian, aghast, ordered him to do so. Obviously his persistence of faith ultimately lead to his beheading. While the story is widely accepted as fiction, Genesius remains a venerated saint of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.His feast day is the 25th of August, and he's the patron saint of actors, play-writes, clowns, comedians, comics, converts, dancers, musicians, stenographers, printers, lawyers, epileptics, thieves, and victims of torture. 


2.1 x 1.8cm (including jump ring)




Stamped ANTAYA 14k 

Initials K.H and J.H

Date: 4-68