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Victorian Silver "Land's End" Cornish Pasty Charm

Victorian Silver "Land's End" Cornish Pasty Charm



DATE: Victorian, c. 1900

The humble pasty has been a documented part of British cuisine since at least as far back as the 13th century, with a broad and varied selection fillings including venison, lamb, beef, seafood such as eels - all flavoured with some form of savoury sauce or gravy. Seemingly back then, it wasn't quite the humble dish we think of today... in these early days such rich (and meat laden) fair would have been largely unattainable unless you were a member of the upper class elite. It wasn't until much later - the late 17th to early 18th centuries - that the pasty became adopted by working class Cornish miners as a nutritious and delicious lunch that was easily carried down the mines, the outer pastry case ensuring no saucy mess (and presumably also helped avoid contamination from the arsenic and other contaminants Cornish miners were exposed to when exploiting the tin seams). Over the decades and centuries the traditional recipe - still known and loved to this day - began to take shape: beef, potato, swede, onion, and peas. All cooked together to produce its own gravy before being sealed within a semi-circular crimped pastry shell. Although commonly found in todays Cornish pasties, carrot was originally the mark of an inferior pasty - apparently. 

This charm is crafted in solid sterling silver, with the words LANDS END stamped onto one side. It dates from the turn of the 20th century, a fitting souvenir for a visit to Britain's most southerly shore. 


15.4 x 6.4mm




Stamped SILVER



Victorian Silver Land's End Cornish Pasty Charm Victorian Silver Land's End Cornish Pasty Charm Victorian Silver Victorian Silver

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