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Art Deco Athena Cameo Signet Ring


Art Deco Athena Cameo Signet Ring



DATE: Art Deco, c.1930

Excellent Art Deco period signet ring featuring a pressed glass cameo of Athena, goddess of wisdom and war. She's depicted wearing a Corinthian helmet, in profile facing right, with long hair flowing out behind her. Athena was, of course, the adored patroness of the city of Athens - a virgin deity, born from the split skull of her father, Zeus, she was also, paradoxically, associated with peace and handicrafts. Modern scholars tend to agree that she took her name from the city (as opposed to the other way round, as was often argued by the ancients), although no concrete evidence exists to prove either side. She's often depicted in full armour, with Corinthian helmet pushed back to reveal her stern but beautiful face, long spear in one hand and the aegis (divine shield on loan from Zeus featuring the severed head of Medusa, as delivered by Perseus) in the other. The ring is crafted in 14 karat gold, indicating it was made in the USA, with cushion shaped head and engraved shoulder details.


Pressed Glass


Head: 1.5 x 1.3cm

Width of band: 3.5mm




Stamped 14k


Very good, light wear/rubbing to the gold commensurate with age

Art Deco Athena Cameo Signet Ring Art Deco Athena Cameo Signet Ring Art Deco Athena Cameo Signet Ring

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