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Victorian Oversized "Ancient Order of Druids" Locket

Victorian Oversized "Ancient Order of Druids" Locket



DATE: Victorian, 1878

This splendid antique locket was presented to Brother B. R. Gotch by the Ancient Order of Druids Lodge No: 435, "as a mark of respect" on the 2nd of February 1878. The Order was revived in 1781 by Henry Hurle, and, according to their website, they are the parent and founding order of the modern Druidic Societies. It's aim is to preserve and practise the main principles attributed to the early Druids, namely those of justice, benevolence, and friendship. Notable historic members include Winston Churchill and Byron B. Brainard.

Offered in its original tooled leather presentation box, the locket is modelled in Sterling Silver, and behind a glass face is an elaborate and finely crafted silver crest suspended over a red foiled back. A banner across the top reads: "A.O.Druids Lodge No:435", and a further Latin motto beneath: "Dieu Notre Pays Et Reine", or Our God, Queen and Country. There are three druid figures: a man with club holding a tree, to the left a warrior with sword and shield with a severed head, and to the right a bearded druid in cloak with a staff. The figures are arranged around a central shield with three oak trees, and around the frame are modelled acorns. The engraving to the reverse is quite stunning in itself, very typically Victorian in style and character. A special piece, of superb size and quality, with an excellent history behind it.


11.0 x 6.8 x 2.0cm




No marks present, tests as Sterling Silver


Excellent, natural tarnish to the frame and back - easily polished out if desired

Victorian Oversized Victorian Oversized Victorian Oversized Victorian Oversized Victorian Oversized