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Pair of WW1 Aluminium Trench Art Rings

Pair of WW1 Aluminium Trench Art Rings



DATE: WW1, c.1915

A pair of WW1 "Trench Art" rings, fashioned into designs that would have been common in jewellery of the era: a buckle and a snake. These were made by soldiers on the Western front, usually while they were recuperating away from the front lines, using whatever materials they had to had... these two are made from aluminium, likely from the nosecones of German artillery shell casings. They're relatively crudely executed, however the decoration and attention to detail is remarkable given the circumstances under which they were created.


Snake ring size: 7 US

Buckle ring size: 9 US

Maximum width of snake: 12.5mm

Maximum width of buckle: 9.6mm


3.3g (pair)


Good, with no significant defects