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Pair of Georgian 22k Gold Rings, John Angus Walmisley

Pair of Georgian 22k Gold Rings, John Angus Walmisley



DATE: Victorian, c.1850s

A fine pair of antique 22k gold bands that once belonged to John Angus Walmisley, and later his grandson Herbert. The bands each feature a Latin inscription: "Jacta est alea, " and "Cedant arma toga" - which translate to "The die is cast," and "let military power be subject to civil authority."

John Angus Walmisley became a parliamentary clerk and was an official at three royal coronations, including that of Queen Victoria. He was born in 1791 and died in 1862; he acheived relative fame in his day for helping to extinguish a fire in Westminster abbey... From the Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle of 1829: "Westminster Abbey on fire. April 27. This evening, about 11 o'clock, the north transept of Westminster Abbey was observed to be on fire. Mr J. Walmisley, of Smith's-square, who, with a friend, was passing at the time, immediately rang the alarm bell, and sent for some of the officers belonging to the Abbey. The writer of this instantly procured the keys of the N.W. turret staircase, which communicated to the part of on fire, and was followed by Mr. Walmisley, Mr Wm. Rose, son of Sir G.Rose, and one or two others, to whose active exertions, at the imminent hazard of their lives, are due the praise of arresting the progress of the fire. It took place in the upper story of the east side of the north transept; and several painted screens, forming part of the old scenery of the college theatre, and the flooring were on fire. The gentlemen before-named tore these down, and by a plentyful supply of water succeeded in preventing the flames communicating to the roof, which is here of wood. The cause of the fire is uncertain, but there is every reason to believe that it was wilful; since we understand from Mr. Carter, the clerk of the works, that no workman had been in the gallery for some time. An examination of the church has led to the discovery of the egress of the incendiary by a door in the south-west turret of Henry VIIth's chapel. The investigation is proceeding at Queen-square police office."


Width of bands: 5.5mm

Ring sizes: 6.5 & 5.5 US


3.3g pair


Larger band hallamarks for 1852; smaller for 1855


Very good, with light antique patina


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