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Large Victorian Blue John Orb Pendant


Large Victorian Blue John Orb Pendant



DATE: Victorian, c.1860

Cool antique orb pendant dating from the mid Victorian era, circa 1860. It's a good, large size, carved from a single piece of Blue John with the prominent purple and white jagged banding it's known for. The stone - aka Derbyshire Spar - is a rare form of fluoride with bands of purple/blue and yellow. Only found in the UK at the Blue John and Treak Cliff Caverns, it was mined through the 19th century for its ornamental value (mining continues on a small scale to this day). There's contention over the origins of the name. Some speculate that it derives from the Cornish miners who began working the Derbyshire mines in the 1740s; the Cornish word "bleujenn" (in Old Cornish "blodon", meaning flower or blossom) is used to refer to a few different types of rock or mineral including fluorspars. The most common explanation given is that it derives from the French "bleu-jaune" meaning simply blue-yellow. With silver gilt fittings.


Blue John specimen (fluorite)


3.4 x 2.7cm (not including jump ring)




No marks present


Good, there's a section with surface reaching fractures. It's possibly lost a section that's been glued back in, or could just be a natural fracture in the stone


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