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Art Deco 7.48ct Spinel Solitaire Ring


Art Deco 7.48ct Spinel Solitaire Ring



DATE: Art Deco, c.1920

A stunning spinel solitaire ring dating from the Art Deco era, circa 1920. The 7.48 carat cushion cut stone is natural, certified no heat treatment, and displays a gorgeous deep blueish purple hue. It's mounted in an impressively elegant 18k white gold mount featuring scrolled openwork gallery, pinched shoulders, and four split claws.

Spinel is a little known and hugely under-appreciated gemstone. It comes in a range of colours, from deep purples and blues - like this one - to bright reds and hot pinks. Indeed, for thousands of years, spinels were often mistaken and mis-sold as sapphires, before a technique was eventually determined to tell the gems apart in the 18th century. The stone known as the "Black Prince's Ruby" is perhaps the most famous example of spinel-mistaken-for-ruby. It's an impressive 170 carat vibrant crimson gem, the largest uncut spinel in the world, and one of the oldest set in England's Imperial State Crown (that's the one worn at coronations, and at state openings of parliament - currently on display in the Tower of London) with a history stretching back to the 14th century. Most likely mined in the mountains of Afghanistan, it was demanded by Edward of Woodstock, son of king Edward III, in 1367 for his help stamping out a rebellion against Spain's Don Pedro (the Cruel), king of Castille and León. Since then it's been worn at least twice by an English king in battle: Henry V wore it on his gem-encrusted helmet during the battle of Agencourt (said helmet was nearly cleaved in two by the Duke of Alençon's battleaxe, so it's a wonder that both gem the king survived), and by Richard III at the battle of Bosworth. A battle that Richard famously did not survive.


Natural Spinel - certified no heat treatment


Head: 15.0 x 12.7mm / Width of band: 2.2mm




No marks present, tests as 18k white gold


Very good, some very light wear to the stone visible under magnification. Evidence of an old resize to the back of the band

Art Deco 7.48ct Spinel Solitaire Ring Art Deco 7.48ct Spinel Solitaire Ring Art Deco 7.48ct Spinel Solitaire Ring Art Deco 7.48ct Spinel Solitaire Ring Art Deco 7.48ct Spinel Solitaire Ring

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