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Art Deco .48ct Diamond Cluster Ring


Art Deco .48ct Diamond Cluster Ring



DATE: Art Deco, c.1820

A classic antique round cluster ring dating from the Art Deco period, circa 1920. It's set with a halo of white single cut diamonds arranged around a central transitional cut stone - totalling slightly under half a carat. The stones are set in platinum which continues down the pinched shoulders, and the band crafted in 18 karat yellow gold. Jewellery of this era is always particularly well made, and this ring is no exception... ready for the next 100 years of its life.

The transitional cut is something of a cult classic; a hybrid cut that sits somewhere between the old European cut (which came into popularity in the 19th Century) and the modern brilliant cut that's near ubiquitous today. They were experimental stones, produced between the 1920s and 1940s, and literally bridging the gap between old and modern cuts, so a great deal of variety can be found from stone to stone. They typically feature bigger tables, lower crowns, and smaller open culets than the old Euros that preceded them, meaning they have more of the brilliance and sparkle associated with modern stones, whilst keeping that unique/imperfect old cut charm.


0.38ct Transitional Cut Diamond

Single Cut Diamonds


Head: 9.5 x 9.0cm

Width of band: 2.1mm




Stamped 18ct


Very good, with light antique patina


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