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1920s Machine Age Sapphire & Diamond Ring


1920s Machine Age Sapphire & Diamond Ring



DATE: Machine Age, c.1920

A striking Machine Age cluster ring dating from the 1920s. Set with six single cut diamonds around a central seam of carre cut sapphires. The stones are set in platinum with fine millegrain detailing, the textures and metal contrasts beautifully with the sleek 18k gold band.

The Machine Age spans a time period beginning around 1880 through to the mid 1940s, which it was superseded - by way of the Digital Revolution - by the Atomic Age. The era, considered to be at its peak between the first and second world wars, is characterised by rapid construction and mechanical forms leading to new urban landscapes - vast skyscrapers, huge suspension bridges, hydroelectric dams, etc. - and revolutionary developments in mass transportation, with newly streamlined trains and automobiles, inspired by developments in aircraft design, pushing the new brand of modernity into both urban and rural settings alike. By 1927 the name Machine Age was widely accepted, and it was heralded as a sort of modern Renaissance on account of the pace of technological advancement.

The social influence of the period was dramatic, affecting virtually every facet of daily life. Various universal suffrage movements were gaining traction, seeking to expand the rights of all adults, including giving everyone the right to vote regardless of wealth, gender, ethnicity, etc. For the first time cultural phenomena could be experienced on a national level with the introduction of national broadcasting and cinema, and likewise the national-level branding and distribution networks replaced local arts and crafts - naturally opening the door to mass market advertising and ultimately consumerism.

Physical artefacts of the era include: domestic and industrial electrification, mass production on the assembly line, radio and photograph technology, fast and comfortable long distance travel, low cost appliances for the mass market (vacuum cleaners, washing machines etc.), and high speed printing presses driving down the cost of media such as newspapers and magazines.

Cultural influences include dystopian films (Chaplin's Modern Times and Lang's Metropolis etc.), Steampunk, Bauhaus, Cubism, and Art Deco.


Carre Cut Sapphires

Single Cut Diamonds


Head: 7.4 x 9.0mm

Width of band: 1.7mm




Stamped 18ct


Very good


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